Ernesto Crespo

Ernesto Crespo / Chile, 1977 Statement Ernesto Crespo explores the concept of repetition in his work, creating subtly different images to encompass a broader reality. His work lies at the intersection of cinema and painting, achieving something that painting alone cannot: the passage of time.The central concern of Ernesto is this notion, from which other […]

MIFA gallery

During the month of June and until July 15th, I invite you to visit Miami International Fine Arts (MIFA), where I present three simultaneous exhibitions highlighting artistic diversity. Ceramics, in today’s world, has firmly established itself as a revered and appreciated art form. Its millennia-old history merges with the cutting edge of contemporary creativity, enriching […]

Small Things That Seem Eternal

Small Things That Seem Eternal «Small Things That Seem Eternal» invites us to reflect on the fundamental role of contemporary art and the artist in our current society. Through these small-format works, the artists demonstrate their innate ability to capture the essence of our environment and elevate it to a realm of sublimity. Their work […]


THREE POWERS Mahara+CO, in collaboration with ArtSpace 305, is proud to present «Three Powers,» a group exhibition featuring the work of three Latino artists living in the USA. The show will run from April 13 to May 11, 2023, exploring the meaning of beliefs and personal involvement. The trio of artists – Milixa Morón (Barquisimeto, […]

Nikita Felix

/ Guayaquil, 1993 Statement Como artista siempre he buscado que todos mis procesos artísticos estén ligados a una sinceridad emocional demandada por mis senti-pensamientos de diversas experiencias vitales recolectadas a lo largo de mi vida. Busco construir un diálogo que cuestione o critique posturas que naturalizan el abandono y falta de responsabilidad del individuo por […]

Elvira Smeke

/ Ciudad de México, 1978 Statement Elvira Smeke (México, 1978) es una artista multidisciplinaria que tuvo su formación como fotógrafa e historiadora del arte.Smeke hace un análisis de lo qué es ser mujer en la era contemporánea, retomando ideologías y quehaceres impuestos ala mujer a través de la historia, y lo hace desde la postura […]

Esteban Amaro

/ Chile, 1977 Statement Esteban Amaro’s photography is an exploration of the boundaries of time, space, the 4 elements, and immensity. His focus emphasizes experimentation, contemplation, research, ancestral cultures, and rituals, resulting in a hypnotic and transformative experience. Through his art, the artist manages to encompass both the material and the immaterial, altering the viewer’s […]

Sebastian Riffo Montenegro

Chile 1980.  Statement Sebastian Riffo-Montenegro artistic investigation is based upon the study on the existing relationship between image, message and receptor. By applying theories from anthropology, sociology and consumption behavior spheres, the artist’s technique accomplishes to express an elaborated critique on the culture of consumption and the creation of societal beliefs. The work’s defies and […]

Candela Bado

/ Montevideo, Uruguay, 1991 Statement My work examines the process of unraveling colonialism’s legacies. I investigate the genealogy of visual languages associated with patrimony in order to explore the possibility of decolonizing our relationship with objects that carry cultural value. Growing up in a country which has obliterated its layered identities by focusing exclusively on […]

Andres Lima

/ Santiago, Chile, 1985. Statement Andrés Lima desarrolla su trabajo artístico principalmente a partir de la investigación y el recorrido por distintos paisajes y territorios vinculados a un pasado histórico fracturado. Sus principales medios de aproximación son el vídeo, el ensayo visual, la fotografía y los desplazamientos del cine.   En sus últimos proyectos individuales, […]