During the month of June and until July 15th, I invite you to visit Miami International Fine Arts (MIFA), where I present three simultaneous exhibitions highlighting artistic diversity.

Ceramics, in today’s world, has firmly established itself as a revered and appreciated art form. Its millennia-old history merges with the cutting edge of contemporary creativity, enriching the artistic landscape with its versatility, tactile sensitivity, and ability to preserve cultural memory.


is a collective show where ceramics take center stage. Each piece in this exhibition is the result of a dialogue between the artist and the material, where clay acquires its own life and becomes a vehicle for expressing emotions, narratives, and complex concepts. Participating artists Judith Berk King, Bryan Hiveley, Mariana Tocornal, Addison Wolf, Macarena Salinas, Ingrid Gredig, Candela Bado, and Elvira Smeke have taken ceramics to new heights, challenging pre-established limits, and exploring uncharted territories of this ancient technique.

"The Chronicle is the Fable for These Timid Eyes"

«The Chronicle is the Fable for These Timid Eyes»


is an exhibition that explores the expressive and symbolic power of photographic art as a tool to apprehend and portray diversity and multiculturalism, intrinsic elements of our contemporary societies. Through the selection of talented photographers such as Jon Davis, Johnny Acero, Johel Pereira, Niurka Betancourt, Michael Craft, RemiJin Camping, Laetitia «Laeti» Adam-Rabel’s, Ligia Ararat, Willian Riera, Linet Sanchez, Ernesto Javier Fernandez, Alain Pantaleon, Alejandro Taquechel, Juan Carlos Alom, and Veronica Murphy, this show aims to stimulate reflection and transport viewers on a captivating visual journey that accentuates the transformative effects of the image on the recipient.

"Take This, Take Me: Embracing Queer Narratives."

I invite you to join us in celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month with the exhibition «Take This, Take Me: Embracing Queer Narratives.» This exhibition aims to promote discourse around art, gender, and sexuality from the perspective of LGBTQ artistic practices and sexual and gender dissidences. It brings together the work of 15 international artists who challenge social norms and express queer aesthetics. Notable talents include Peruvian artist Javi Vargas, as well as local artists Marco Caridad, Andreina Fuentes, Willian Riera, Denis Rovinskiy, David Gary Lloyd, Chileans Nia de Indias and Mara Faundez, among others. This exhibition is in collaboration with the Stonewall National Museum & Archive.