Ernesto Crespo

/ Chile, 1977


Ernesto Crespo explores the concept of repetition in his work, creating subtly different images to encompass a broader reality. His work lies at the intersection of cinema and painting, achieving something that painting alone cannot: the passage of time.
The central concern of Ernesto is this notion, from which other natural ideas have emerged. He questions whether painting is merely an object of the present, recognizing that its creation requires time and is an accumulation of moments that reflect the reality as we experience it.
The artist grapples with two sequences of time: the creative process and the fragment of reality he chooses to represent. These two spacetimes are distinct and irreconcilable, much like in Borges’ story «Funes the Memorious,» where the character tries to remember everything and becomes overwhelmed. Unlike Funes, Crespo has the ability to think and forget what is not essential in his work.

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