Mahara+CO, in collaboration with ArtSpace 305, is proud to present «Three Powers,» a group exhibition featuring the work of three Latino artists living in the USA. The show will run from April 13 to May 11, 2023, exploring the meaning of beliefs and personal involvement.

The trio of artists – Milixa Morón (Barquisimeto, 1977), Antonio Castillo (Santiago, 1991), and Marco Caridad (Maracaibo, 1985) – break down significant aspects of identity, whether individual or collective. Their work evokes sacred geometry and the power of rituals as a creative incentive.

Inspired by the Mayan myth of twin brothers, Marco Caridad’s work explores the conflict between gender and gender identity. Milixa Morón’s paintings focus on femininity, myths, and nature, incorporating elements of her daily life as a mother, wife, and artist. Antonio Castillo’s work is significant for San Juan Bautista’s pyromantic celebrations and the winter solstice’s advent in the southern hemisphere.

Together, the three artists offer a powerful and inspiring insight into the spiritual world, showcasing the beauty and complexity of these beliefs and rituals.

«Three Powers» opens April 13th –  6 to 9 pm 

 230 NW 71st Street, Miami, FL 33150