Esteban Amaro

/ Chile, 1977


Esteban Amaro’s photography is an exploration of the boundaries of time, space, the 4 elements, and immensity. His focus emphasizes experimentation, contemplation, research, ancestral cultures, and rituals, resulting in a hypnotic and transformative experience.

Through his art, the artist manages to encompass both the material and the immaterial, altering the viewer’s perception and opening the world to the unknown. Each of his works is an encounter with the mysterious and the sacred, where artistic expression becomes a bridge between different dimensions and realities. Through his lens, Amaro invites the viewer to explore new ways of seeing and understanding existence, connecting with the profound human experience and the essence of nature.

His work represents a journey towards transcendence and the expansion of consciousness, leading the audience to a territory where the visible and the invisible converge into a magical and transformative whole. Esteban Amaro’s photography is a window into a fascinating and enigmatic world, where each image captures the very essence of life and spirituality.

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