Esteban Amaro

/ Chile, 1977


Visual artist and photographer from Chile. Blurring the boundaries between art, photography, sculpture, video and sound, presenting and bending concepts such as time, space, the 4 elements and immensity, having at the core experimentation, contemplation, the universal questions and ancestral cultures; the work poses a hypnotic experience in which embraces the material and the immaterial, modifying perception and opening the world to the unknown.

Esteban is represented by the contemporary art gallery ArtStar in New York, Mahara+Co in Miami and by the Millennium Images agency in London. He is the founder and curator of Minimal Chile. He participates as a collaborator of Ladera Sur and was previously art director at Estudio FE photography studio. Amaro’s work has been a part of exhibitions in New York, London, Santiago de Chile, Concepción and Valparaíso.

«My work it’s about what we cannot see, the universal questions, time and minimalism. It’s hypnotic, contemplative, deep yet subtle. I create these works because I feel I have to experiment with these subjects. Everything is possible and I want people to feel the same, that there is much more and that we are part of a network of different dimensions, beings, times and universes».


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