Loreto Figueroa

/ Chile Statement Loreto has a degree in visual arts with a major in painting from the Finis Terrae University. She has been working with stoneware ceramics for three years, a discipline she learned while living in La Serena, her current residence. She works without a mold and without a wheel, so her works are […]

Esteban Amaro

/ Chile, 1977 Statement Visual artist and photographer from Chile. Blurring the boundaries between art, photography, sculpture, video and sound, presenting and bending concepts such as time, space, the 4 elements and immensity, having at the core experimentation, contemplation, the universal questions and ancestral cultures; the work poses a hypnotic experience in which embraces the […]

Sebastian Riffo Montenegro

Chile 1980.  Statement Sebastian Riffo-Montenegro artistic investigation is based upon the study on the existing relationship between image, message and receptor. By applying theories from anthropology, sociology and consumption behavior spheres, the artist’s technique accomplishes to express an elaborated critique on the culture of consumption and the creation of societal beliefs. The work’s defies and […]

Francisco I.D.

/ Montevideo, Uruguay, 1991 BIO YKZ ID (Santiago, Chile, 1989). Painter and poet. He studied Hispanic Literature at the University of Chile and published the poetry books: Observatory (2011), Yakuza (2014), Poems for Michael Jordan (2014), Love Anthology by Claudia Schwartz (2016), Iceberg (2017) and Invisible Palm Trees (2020). His poems have been translated and […]

Candela Bado

/ Montevideo, Uruguay, 1991 Statement My work examines the process of unraveling colonialism’s legacies. I investigate the genealogy of visual languages associated with patrimony in order to explore the possibility of decolonizing our relationship with objects that carry cultural value. Growing up in a country which has obliterated its layered identities by focusing exclusively on […]