Leo de la O


This art series showcases grayscale paintings and drawings depicting abstract geometric structures. Gabriel draws visual inspiration from Spanish Baroque painting, vintage photography, and science, and his work is influenced by Platonic philosophy, esotericism, and science.


Recently, his artworks have delved into two different themes: abstract geometric forms in landscapes, combining architectural elements with the theatrical atmosphere of Spanish Baroque painting, and portraits inspired by paranormal experiments from the 1970s.


Despite the thematic differences, Soto uses geometric forms as a connecting element between his works. The series is a fusion of traditional pedagogy in painting with scientific aesthetics and modern mysticism, exploring architectural and scientific principles, as well as the Platonic concept of unseen abstract worlds.


Gabriel is fascinated by baroque paintings of hooded saints in prayer and incorporates conical structures into his art, relating them to light cones in physics. The interplay between devout meditation and scientific visualization is a theme the artist wishes to continue exploring in future works.

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