First solo exhibition of artist Samuel Domínguez in Miami OPENING RECEPTION: Feb 8 / 6 – 9 PM

Mahara+Co & ArtSpace 305 are pleased to invite you to the first exhibition of 2024.

Join us for the first solo exhibition of artist Samuel Domínguez in Miami!

«What Happened After I Left» presents a series of works that explore imaginary landscapes of speculative gardens, highlighting Chilean aquatic vascular plants.


The exhibition, composed of a series of works in ceramics, drawing, and acrylic resin pieces, focuses on creating experiences that speculate on future ecosystems and explore the concept of science fiction ecologies. In this process, objects in space are transformed into fragments of potential landscapes, whose meanings become deliberately confusing. Most of the works exhibit physical characteristics that suggest they have been rescued from antiquity, such as broken ceramics, worn papers, and torn surfaces. The intriguing question arises: Are these objects from the past presented as visions of the future or as digitally created artificial representations?


Samuel Domínguez presents himself as a visionary creator, conceptualizing his exhibitions as malleable and unstable events, capable of evolving and transforming over time. This fluid vision reflects his interest in challenging established conventions and offering the viewer an experience in constant metamorphosis.


Influenced by Latin American visualities and a poetic conception of nature in the age of automation and digital realities, Domínguez’s projects do not seek to establish literal connections with their background and identity. Rather, they emerge as soft whispers or echoes that explore the complexity of the human relationship with the natural environment in contemporary times.


The exhibition thus becomes a profound reflection on the intersection between nature, technology, and identity in a constantly changing world. This call to consciousness highlights how these intertwined elements shape our understanding of the world and our place in it. «What Happened After I Left» invites viewers to immerse themselves in a conceptual and emotional journey, where each work is an open window to new perspectives and unanswered questions.



Samuel Domínguez: born in Santiago, Chile, in 1995, holds a master’s degree in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2022). His training includes studies in Physics at the University of Chile, a Diploma in Aesthetics and Philosophy from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and an exchange program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has been awarded prestigious prizes such as The Escoda Barcelona (2023) and Gilbert Bayes / RCA Award (2022). His work has been featured in prominent galleries and museums, being part of solo exhibitions such as «Terrestres» (2023) and «ASCENSO (unplugged)» (2019). Additionally, he has actively participated in group exhibitions hosted by globally renowned institutions.