“SONG OF SIMPLE THINGS»  is an exhibition that captures the essence of the eponymous song composed by the prominent Argentine Armando Tejada Gómez and immortalized in the voice of the iconic Mercedes Sosa. The song’s lyrics evoke the longing for memories and the connection with places and moments from the past, serving as inspiration for a selection of artworks that explore the conceptual richness of memory, identity, and the intrinsic nature of the human journey.

Gabriela Garcia D’ Alta

She takes us to a world of repetitions and constant explorations of objects, shapes and materials. Her work reflects the relationship between the ephemeral and the durable, the social and the intimate, while exploring how art and society influence our perception of value. Her work becomes a manifestation of the memory and transience of human existence.

Edison Peñafiel

«Camposcuro» submerges us in a dark and silent environment, populated by a solitary traveler. Through repetition and the absence of faces, the artist explores human migration and the continuous cycle of movement. His low contrast black and white palette evokes the night and vigil, relating his work to contemporary themes of migration and borders.

Matt Forehand

«Pushcart Man» is part of a larger project exploring personal heritage and the influence of the environment on the artist’s cultural identity. Through collage and the fusion of images from Colombia and South Florida, MATT reveals the complexities of his relationship with these places. His focus on memory and the reinterpretation of memories perfectly harmonizes with the theme of the exhibition.

J. Pavel Herrera

Engages with the landscape and insularity. His work addresses themes of migration, communication and ideo-political relationships between systems and people in a global context, weaving a narrative that connects with the fundamental problems of the exhibition.

Xavier Luján

Xavier’s artistic practice focuses on photography and understanding the content of the mind. His search leads him to create abstract works while immersing himself in an exploration of memory and his personal experience.

Carolina Casusol

Uses images gathered from atlases, encyclopedias and popular ephemera to explore concepts related to culture and identity. Her work «El Vuelo» carefully fragments images of the sky, creating an intertwined experience of nostalgia and emotions associated with the past and return.