Loreto Figueroa

/ Chile


Loreto has a degree in visual arts with a major in painting from the Finis Terrae University.

She has been working with stoneware ceramics for three years, a discipline she learned while living in La Serena, her current residence. She works without a mold and without a wheel, so her works are disproportionate, crooked and asymmetrical.

She cares about showing the character of each piece, that it shows a rhythm, a particularity, that each object speaks for itself.

Has participated in the design week in Paris 2020, Milan 2021, respectively, together with 1000 vases, and belongs to the artling, a platform based in Singapore that promotes the work of artists from all over the world.

She also has works in galleries in London partnerships editions, Barcelona together with Leseines Mallorca with Addictions Design and soon in select works in London.

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